Excuse me? So these Plastic Gowns Predict New Fashion Trends?

Excuse me? So these Plastic Gowns Predict New Fashion Trends?

The fashion circle above the art revival, has long been nothing new.

First, the creative director of Valentino, Pierpaolo Picciol, opened his own old base and walked the Renaissance Road in the autumn of 2016.

Come to Lafayette in the Chanel 2018 early spring vacation series, let the show show people return to the Renaissance era;

Next is Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele throwing a series of 2018 early spring, directly pushing the fashion circle of the Renaissance wave to the peak.

And above, the props used in the Renaissance as a historical material, the props used are high-end needles and fabrics, and the price is not affordable for those who are not mediocre.

Suzanne Jongmans

Today’s protagonist, looking for a new game.

Her props are a series of recyclable plastics such as wrapping paper, plastic bags, and bubble bags.

plastic fashion plastic fashionplastic fashion
The above works are from the artist Suzanne Jongmans. Jongmans from Egypt, in addition to the title of sculptor and costume designer, is also a fashion photographer.

She made two sets of materials called “Mind Over Matter” (Knowledge is better than matter) and “Kindred Spirits” (relevant).

How to get recycled materials in every part of the clothing store, Jongmans’s approach is as follows.

plastic fashion

plastic fashion

The hat worn on the head of the model, made of polystyrene foam and plastic sheets;

The high-necked collar commonly found in Renaissance-style clothing consists of a layer of bubble film collage;

The main part of the skirt is made of recycled plastic with lower transparency and fragility;

There are not many other accessories, such as the necklace worn by the model is a series of polystyrene beads.

plastic fashion

plastic fashion

After the costumes were finished, she invited the models, dressed in costumes, to the studio, and used her close-up photography to pull her clothes into the Renaissance of the 14th and 17th centuries.

When it comes to why you want to create this series, Jongmans says –

“These recyclable plastics are the waste caused by the age of consumption. Most people treat them as garbage. In my eyes, they are like diamonds waiting to be processed.

After collecting them in a unified way, I want to use the Renaissance style that I am best at now, so that everyone can reflect on our excessive waste when we feel the beauty that plastic can bring. ”

Renaissance era

As a fashion photographer, Jongmans’s joint name with Moncler this year directly brought this French fashion house to the Renaissance era.

The costume design section is dominated by Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, while the photography and set-up section is dominated by Jongmans, putting the down jacket that originally seemed to be the “expansion” of winter in the renaissance cold scene, so that the original has been self-cultivation The cropped down jacket is visually slimmer.plastic fashion

This familiar operation is actually shown in Jongmans’ personal series using plastic design.

The fashion trend is elusive. Jongmans, who uses plastic to create a Renaissance-style costume, is not so much a new way of thinking for the costumers. It is better to let everyone rethink, the “waste” in our stereotype. What is the new way to use it.

In the Hat Business

Actually in the hat business line, it has also been a similar brain storm. and it seems that the regular people can wear them.


And some more:

Personally I would rather pick cotton twill or linen fabric, as the more natural fiber we can make. While, Plastic do exists and it has been widely and deeply gone into our life. The usage of plastic some will say is a disaster, and some say it does help mankind. Anyway, in fashion meaning, the plastic represent a future conception, with more plastic inside human body, no matter as clothes, as hats, as shoes, or, inside of human body, human are becoming a kind coming back from the future, if comparing to our ancestors, or, to the neighbor animals in this planet.

Where will the future go?

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