Melania Trump’s caps and hats

Melania Trump’s caps and hats are always full of controversy, it seems she was never right only because she is the first lady.

1, the MAGA caps, Make America Great Again.


This cap should not count into Melanie’s wardrobe, but people always put her and President together, so whatever, its hers now.

It is so interesting that President opens an online store to sell this cap, and it is $29.00 each. I know the factory in China who was making them, they export no more than $2.00 each. But, I guess president and her wife will say, “hey, this is a totally Made in USA products, and we made this cap just want to make more jobs.” But still I can find that in Aliexpress, there are hundreds of sellers and of course, there are thousands of buyers. Mostly Americans, I suppose.


2, The Flotus Cap


People began to search where to buy this cap, of course, still on president’s online shop. and when Melania walked out of Air Force One, this Black baseball cap with FLOTUS embroidery on the front, it becomes another trend. The question is, what does this word mean?

Lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers and it stands for the “divine, sacred”, and in China, it is also the symbol of the Buddhism, and Taoism. Those Buddha and Gods sit on the lotus platform, and they use this magic flower to cast their power and purify the sin.

It can also be easily spotted everywhere in India, because it is a most devout Buddha and gods worship country.

So, if lotus is a word, what is FLOTUS? Is it an abbreviation? I, for some reason, excuse me for my poor English, there is one word fist popup in my mind, with F word, but, quickly, I erased it.

Don’t be wrong, Actually, it has the official meaning and it is simple enough:

Fist Lady Of  The United States

Wow, this is something, can I say, “Flaunt”, “Show Off”, ” Strut”, “worship”…

In China there is an old saying: “There is no 300 taels of silver treasure berried under this sign board.”

The story goes like this, once upon a time, a man got an asset of 300 taels of silver, which is a big sum of money at that time, and he has no where to hide it. finally he berried it in his yard and still was afraid of someone will steal it, and he made a wood sign above the silver pile, and it read: There is no 300 taels of silver here!”.

The saying is used to describe people who still lay emphasis on those already very very obvious things!

SO this cap express like this:

Hey, I am the first lady!

I am the first lady!

I am the first lady!

Let’s see some Cap Quality Things, which is a cap seller cares about mostly.

I will go back and talk about the cap itself, because I am a cap factory owner and we manufacture hats and caps. Let’s see the description:

description of FLOTUS caps

First, what is a so called premium velcro back strap? velcro is velcro, nothing special at all.

Then, I really don’t believe so called Hand-stitched in USA, you should say machine sewed in USA instead of Hand-Stitched.

what is a hand-stitched? this is a real hand stitching. And no she is not my mum.

hand-stitch made

Can I say the Whitehouse is trying to mis-guide people?

and what is this lousy zigzagged embroidery? is this really hand-stitched? I guess so!


Failure, failure and failure products.

I know if my factory produces such products, we will be claimed by our clients and lose money.

But the Whitehouse website sells this shameful product with $29.95?! What’s wrong with this world? what’s wrong with people?

The smell of power and authority, it must be.

And any supporters? I guess there are a bunch of people crying for this caps, hey, don’t worry guys, if you need, I can make some and so do leave me a message, I will ship you the better quality embroidery, better fabric cotton, and also, better “Machine-Stitched” by human hands products, $2.99 per piece. Ah, of course, we will need $3 dollars to ship it from my country to your country. Hey, don’t sue me I was just kidding…You should go find those who are selling MAGA caps on Aliexpress and Amazon.

Quitting United Postal Union?

I heard that because of this shipping flat rate, President is threatening that he will quit the “United Postal Union”, is that because of my? A small wholesaler that sells good quality goods but in China? OMG! I sincerely apologize.

Here is a link to the Guardian Post Article which is reporting this news:

Once upon a time, there is a slogan “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno”, “One for all, All for One”. That is the spirit. But now, the time changes.

3, The White Hat, 


First lady Melania Trump waits with President Donald Trump to greet French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron during a State Arrival Ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

This is quite a nice hat, good looking, nice shaped, and pure white designed specially for Melania, matching her white suits. Good job.

However, the awkward of this hat is its wide brim, it is great to protect the sun UV but during the important scene like meeting another countries leader, that will be a bit inconvenience.

The kissing of the check is quite common in western countries, while this time, the hat block the way.


I believe usually ladies will take off their hats to make each other more comfortable, while the First Lady seems to have stronger personality or, has some issues with her husband, she dit not take off the hat.

While facing president of French, the FLOTUS still did not make any further movement. While the frenchman is quite clever or should I say, gentleman, he used his two hands to hold lady’s hand, and gave her a traditional knight kiss.


Great job! Look at his face, full of smile, very tender and gentle. Suddenly a sentence pop into my head: The importance of how to act and the self-cultivation of an actor!

Magnificent. We don’t know how the president and the FLOTUS was thinking, but details sometimes really can tell people a lot of things.

4, the Safari Hat

melania with a controversial safari hat

Just several days ago, Oct, 2018, She visited Kenya with this white safari hat.

The selecting of this hat is full of calculating, analyzing, and political meanings, it soon become a controversial topic around the world, criticize and all kinds of suspects busted.

The colonial style safari, which can be traced back into 19 centuries, is the notorious symbol of British colonial time. When they slaved the Africa and other countries, this hat became the official standard armory. In many paintings, literature, movies, the hat is usually wore by the local governor and they usually treated local slaves very crucially.

According to the Washington Post,

Historians generally agree the short-brimmed hats — also known as “safari helmets” or “topis” — were originally made from the dried pith of swamp plants in India. 


That is a signature of the past dark time, which is deeply embossed into the souls of African people. Public opinion is seething with indignation.

‘Natives’, their skulls being thicker, had no need of these helmets, but for a European even a double felt hat was not a reliable protection.

Written by English writer George Orwell, he describes how this hat is derrived.

You can only rule over a subject race, especially when you are in a small minority, if you honestly believe yourself to be racially superior, and if you can believe that the subject race is biologically different.


The thin skull was the mark of racial superiority, and the pith topi was a sort of emblem of imperialism.

There are also several movies included this symbolic hat.

In the movie “Out of Africa”

safari hats in out-of-africa

In the movie “Mogambo”

safari hat in movie Mogambo

The trip of the FLOTUS to the Africa was to rescue the fame of her husband, and fix the relationship between America and Africa, because his husband, the president, talked some improper insulting words against Africa countries, which he called them as “Sh*t Hole Countries”.

However, it seems all the purpose failed. The hat ruined everything. While, She has something to say:

I really don’t care, do U?


Yes, she is FLOTUS and she is wife of billionaire, really does not need to care about anything.

5, Panama Hat


This hat was wore during her visit to Egypt, for this hat,  all the outfit was described as a CUSTUM. I would say, hey, good COSER!

6, Fur Hatmelania-trump-donald-trump-harpers-bazaar

This hat should be wore by Melania before she is FLOTUS, they are billionaire, they are rich, they can have animal furs, right?

I really don’t care, do U?

Yes I do care about the animals, especially with nice furs. We have stopped doing real fur hats for 15 years, all the hats are artificial fur.

Although there are still many factories are make dirty money but still, we can do something to ourselves, I can’t control others, but can control myself, Self discipline is good.

And Be GOOD.

At the end of this bull sh*t article, I will still paste some img and slogan of this couple President and FLOTUS:

Be Best


Oh, and please allow me to make an advertisement here:

We really need to believe there are super heroes, rather than count on some BUSINESS MAN and WOMAN.

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