Will the Extra 90 Days Enough to Stop The Trade War Between USA and China?

The meeting between Chinese President Xi and US President Trump on Saturday (December 1, 2018) brought about a breakthrough in the stalemate of the multi-month trade war. The United States suspended the plan to raise tariffs on Chinese goods on January 1 next year. China has pledged to buy a large number of agricultural and energy commodities from the United States. The United States has set a 90-day negotiation period. Once the negotiations are unsuccessful, the United States has indicated that it will continue to raise tariffs.

So actually we(both USA and China people), get another 60 days pause for a possible upgrade war, prevent to hurt each other much more deeply.

While most comments say it possibly only a pause, if China or USA does to give away on each party’s proposition.

Close is not a solution

200 years ago, the Ming dynasty feels threaten from the sea shore, some Japanese pirate, some foreign traders or pirate, and the threats from the north, so it begin to close its sea, and built a Great Wall in the north. To the Qing Dynasty, they begin to close all the opening sea shore, make forbidden rules to the trade, at that time, they still believe that Qing Dynasty is still the NO.1 powerful country in the world. But what happened?

great wall

The British empire expands its map, and USA begin to united, and arise, and even Japan, has a revolution for the industry. That 200 years, time stopped in China, people followed their daily routines, year after year, tranquility, peace, until this silence was broken by the guns and canons.

We are now in a open world, no one could stay in the wall behind the globalization.

The behavior Pattern of Mr. Trump is not interesting

While, the most interesting thing is, USA, the NO.1 powerful country, is beginning to follow the history, close their door. It has some signs, the government begins to build walls, begins to quit  Alliance, and begins to think a country can feed by itself.

  • USA begins to build walls next to Mexico, because the refugees are threats.

Mr. Trump accuses the WTO does not do its duty to manage the China exporting, and he wants to quit.

mr trump quit wto2

Mr. Trump thinks that the Universal Post Union’s rule was broken by China because its numerous exporting packages, and  he wants to quit.

mr trump quit wto

Mr. Trump thinks that Made in USA is now too weak so he encourages all the factories, investors to set up new facilities in manufacturing and he wants that can raise the employment rate.

He wants to Make American Great Again by closing the door while China is opening more widely to the world.

A little compare for the living circumstances

I had spent some time living in USA, and I have an habit to walk after supper. It is usually dark then, but, soon, I found there are police cars running here and there with Sirens on, and gun fire sounds, just like in those movies, I guess it is the neighborhood not good enough. So I was quite worried and afraid, so have to stop the after dinner walk. While back in Shanghai, or any other cities in China, you can feel free to walk outside even in late night, unless you look for trouble and go into those dark alleys.

What am I going to say by this small compare? It is quite simple, China is changing, while USA is changing into a different way.

Will the Extra 90 Days Enough to Stop The Trade War Between USA and China?

So here is the question and the answer, no. I am still negative to the relationship between USA and China. In the past 18 years, I was never worried about this, I graduated from university and found a good job, and became an export businessman, and all these times, get good pay back and friendship across the Pacific Ocean. But now, it seems be different.

The confront seems to be a long period common situation, like the cold war, between USA and Soviet. Will we these peace loved people, suffer from the new kind of cold war?



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